At DaVynsse Homes, we do not take our service lightly. That's why we make sure we are up to date on all our contracting certifications. We value great, efficient service, and we think you should too. Click around below to learn more about all of our certifications.

Licensed Home Inspector: LIC #: HI 862

We are fully licensed home inspectors. All of your property needs can be taken care of by our team of experts. We know that owning a property can be one of your biggest investments, that's why we want to make sure everything is in tip top shape. Our licensed inspectors will identify any repairs that your home may need, and fix them accordingly.
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Certified General Inspector: CGC 1514642

Not only are we fully licensed home inspectors, but we are also certified as general inspectors. Not only can we take care of any home repairs you may need, we can also inspect the entire property and make sure everything is up to code.
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Licensed Mold Assessor: MRSA # 1610

In addition to home/general inspector certifications, we are also licensed mold assessors. If you do happen to have a mold issue somewhere on your property, our inspectors can assess how bad the damage is and take the necessary steps toward removing it from your home.
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Licensed Mold Remediator: MRSR # 1677

Not only can we assess the extent of the damage the mold as caused in your house, we can also fix the problem. As licensed "Mold Remediators," we go through a list of steps that is much more comprehensive than just removing the mold. This ensures that we rid the mold from your property and make sure that the residue does not stay.
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Certified Lead Assessor: EPA NAT - 1073988 - 1

Under the Environmental Protection Act, we can assess whether dangerous lead is contained in the paint, dust, and soil on your property. Lead paint can be especially dangerous to kids if they happen to ingest it. Our experts will make sure that your kids are safe from the toxins in the lead that could be present in the surrounding area.
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